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Leggy, affectionate trail dog looking for just the right soulhuman! Hello friends! My name is Socks and I am a leggy, loving, adorable boy who loves to hit the trail and snuggle with my humans. I was found abandoned at only 5 months old and have lived at a rescue kennel ever since.

I’ll tell you a secret. When my trainer lady sat down to make this post, she was a little inspired by a hilarious and heartwarming page called The Least Adoptable Dog in the World. You see, I’m a bit of a handful.

BUT, I’m also a total catch in a lot of ways. In fact, she’s known much more difficult dogs than me and they’re all happy and thriving in homes now. I just need the right human who sees the exceptional boy I am and realizes I’m their souldog. We both feel very confident that I am absolutely someone’s souldog.

So to start, here are some AWESOME things about me:

*Rockstar trail dog & running buddy. For real, I’m an active Austinite’s dream boy!

*No reactivity issues to people, dogs, cats, small mammals – I wanna be social!

*Super affectionate and loving, affection calms me down when I have my moments.

*I love toys. I love fetch. I love gnawables. I’m learning puzzle toys. I love you.

*I ride nicely in the car.

*I’m working on being an adventure boy and think water is pretty sweet.

*I come with training support.

Now why do I need a special home?

*I am genuinely high energy. Couple that with the fact that I’m a young adult male and have lived in a kennel environment for way too long and I’m now also a guy with some arousal issues and stress related acting out.

*I can be mouthy. I have gotten SO much better with this but see above, overarousal, be it stress or excitement or anxiousness, brings it out. Usually it’s no biggie to redirect now, I often even redirect myself, but the stickier the situation, the more mouthiness you might see and moving to a new home is pretty sticky!

*I’m not exactly a pro at indoor life but I am coachable. During my life indoors practice, I’ve responded super well to potty training and hey, paws don’t go on the counter type stuff. I also overcame something really scary called stairs. But I definitely need more practice and may still do stuff like steal a hat off the shelf bc it looks like a toy.

*I’ve lived my young life out in the country so sometimes new experiences and city life make me nervous. I’m resilient though and I look to my human for cues so I know this won’t be a biggie. I’m already going to more adventurous places and doing great!

My trainer lady with Dog Possible is helping find my human so you can email her at and she will hook us up!

You can also visit my very own Facebook page, A Special Home for a Dog Named Socks and click on my photo story to learn more about me.

I hope I steal your heart!