Individual Pledges

Like our professional organizations, these individuals have taken our pledge and are committed to humane training, handling, behavior modification, and care practices for companion animals.

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Amy Fitzsimmons

Joseph Noell

Dawn Carey

Annie Johnson

Heidi Hays

Alicia Benoit

Chantelle Wallace

Robin Null

David Loignon

Tawnia King

Megan Kunselman

Melody Hilburn

Jesse Miller

Shelby Benoit

Metis Riley

Claire McDaniel

Emily Cassell

Kelsey Bellamy

Jenna Scibilia

Kim Roche

Bic Wood

Leorah Plunkett

Chris Pearcey

Jakki Kavanagh

Dawn Morehouse

Janelle Ciaccio

Jennifer Germann

Brett Mundy

Wesley Ward

Erica Ashkenazi

Lynette Chaivre

Lisa Heathco